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Enlarged Pores

What Are Enlarged Pores and What Causes Them?

Enlarged pores are visible depressions in the skin on your face that contains one or more pores that act as openings to ducts that carry sweat and oil from eccrine sebaceous glands. Enlarged pores occur in people of all ages and ethnicities. That said, some ethnic groups tend to have larger pores than others. For example, people with African and Indian ancestry tend to have larger pores on average. It’s also common for pores to appear larger as you get older.

It’s uncertain if men or women are more prone to large pores. What is certain is that in women there can be fluctuation in pore size associated with menstrual cycles, with pores being at their largest during ovulation.  Pore size, in general, may fluctuate regardless of gender.

What Causes Enlarged Pores?

There are many factors that can affect the development and presentation of enlarged pores. Here are several factors that can cause large pores.

  • Increased sebum oil production can force open pores
  • Large Hair follicles
  • Some cosmetics can clog and enlarge pores with regular use
  • Aging leads to larger pores as skin elasticity reduces
  • Damage from excessive sun exposure can cause enlarged pores
  • Damage from acne can lead to enlarged pores, especially if improperly dealt with or chronic

Generally, the better care you take of your skin, the less enlarged your pores will be.  Avoiding sun damage, heavy cosmetics, and improper skin care (like popping pimples) will help you to avoid enlarged pores.

What Are Enlarged Pores and What Causes Them?
Enlarged Pores vs. Acne Scars

Enlarged Pores vs. Acne Scars

While they look similar, enlarged pores and acne scars have significantly different causes.  Enlarged pores represent skin that has elastically stretched due to the pores being forced more open.  Acne scars are damage caused by bad acne breakouts that ravaged the skin.  Enlarged pores are generally easier to treat quickly and efficiently with less serious treatment options since they’re mainly caused by clogged and overactive pores.  Enlarged pores can even go away on their own in time.  Acne scars are permanent unless treated, and scars may not ever be completely removed or healed.

Treatments Available At

Meg & Co.

LaseMD Ultra II

The finely tuned LaseMD Ultra II system can treat a whole range of common aesthetic concerns with only mild discomfort.  It works by stimulating the inner layers of your skin, increasing collagen growth, and tightening pores.  Similar to RF Microneedling, this is best paired with a synergistic cleansing treatment, such as a Hydrafacial.  Since they’re both laser-based treatments, we do not recommend pairing this with a Carbon Laser Facial as this might overtax your skin.

Carbon Laser Facial

Our Carbon Laser Facial treatment is a fast, powerful aesthetic treatment favored by the Hollywood elite to give them a perfect complexion for big events and appearances.  It helps clean and tighten your pores in just one session, giving you a Hollywood glow.


Our Hydrafacial spa treatment is ideal for unclogging pores allowing them to shrink down and heal naturally. If you have mild but persistent enlarged pore issues, regular Hydrafacial treatments might be a good option for you.  Hydrafacials have no drawbacks, minimal contraindications, and no downtime. 

RF Microneedling

Radio Frequency microneedling is a high-tech treatment method that stimulates rapid collagen production in the skin.  Even though this doesn’t directly clear pores, increased collagen tightens the skin.  For best results, we suggest pairing this with a cleansing treatment such as a Hydrafacial or Carbon Laser Facial.

Treatments Available At Meg & Co

Safety Considerations

When you receive laser treatment of any kind, your skin needs protection from the sun while recovering.  Typically this means a few days to a week with your treated skin protected from direct sunlight using clothing or high SPF, broad-spectrum sunscreen lotion.

While all of these treatments are safe, we do not recommend pairing laser treatments together, as the overlapping stress could cause damage to your skin if you do not allow the recommended length of time for healing between sessions.  Consult with your technician to ensure your treatment regimen is safe and effective.

Maximizing Results

For the best results in reducing enlarged pores, we suggest combining a cleansing treatment and a collagen-boosting treatment without doubling up on laser treatments on the same day.  For example, combining Hydrafacial and LaseMD Ultra II treatments or combining Carbon Laser Facial and RF Microneedling treatments will achieve excellent results.

If you have chronically recurring enlarged pores, you may need regular treatment to keep seeing great results.  Monthly Hydrafacial or Carbon Laser Facial treatments are a great way to achieve the great look you want all the time.



Why do I have enlarged pores?

Most people experience enlarged pores as a result of clogged pores or overactive sebum oil production.  There are also some genetic tendencies towards larger or smaller pores.

What kinds of treatments can help with Enlarged Pores?

Above, we describe how Hydrafacial, Carbon Laser Facial, RF Microneedling, and LaseMD Ultra II treatments can help reduce the size of pores.  There are other treatments available, but these powerful medical aesthetic treatments are among the best.

How much do these treatments for enlarged pores cost?

You can find up-to-date pricing information on all our treatments on our Pricing and Packages page.