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The Hollywood Spectra Laser

At Meg & Co., we are proud to offer Hollywood Spectra to our clients. This cutting-edge technology is designed to provide a safe and effective solution for a variety of skin concerns, from hyperpigmentation to fine lines and wrinkles. The Hollywood Spectra system is equipped with patented HyperSurge™ and IntelliBeam™ technology, which ensures the highest-quality energy delivery for optimal results.

More About Hollywood Spectra Laser

The Hollywood Spectra system is versatile and can be used to treat a wide range of conditions, including sun damage, age spots, freckles, and more. This advanced technology can be used to exfoliate the skin, reduce unwanted pigmentation, stimulate collagen production, and soften the skin tone and texture. The Hollywood Spectra system is ideal for those who want to achieve brighter, youthful-looking skin without the need for downtime.

At Meg & Co., our highly trained and experienced technicians will work with you to determine the best course of treatment to achieve your desired results. Whether you are looking to treat a specific skin condition or simply maintain your overall skin health, the Hollywood Spectra system can help.

lasemd ultra
lasemd ultra

How Does Hollywood Spectra Work?

The Hollywood Spectra uses a dual-wavelength 1064/532nm laser platform that helps to reduce unwanted pigmentation and restore glowing skin. The platform leverages a proven performance record worldwide and can effectively treat a wide range of patients. With its short pulse widths and high peak power, Hollywood Spectra can deliver safe and effective treatments with minimal patient downtime. The system also features HyperSurge™ Resonator and IntelliBeam™ technology, which help deliver quality and efficacy comparable to picosecond lasers.

What Conditions and Concerns Can Hollywood Spectra Help With?

Hollywood Spectra can effectively treat a range of skin concerns, including unwanted pigmentation (including removing tattoos), dull skin, fine lines and wrinkles, enlarged pores, and acne on the face and body. The Carbon Laser Facial treatment performed with the Hollywood Spectra can also help reduce skin pigmentation, stimulate collagen production, and lighten and brighten your complexion.

What Is the Carbon Laser Facial?

The Carbon Laser Facial is a popular and highly requested treatment that combines the Hollywood Spectra laser with a carbon mask peel. The carbon peel helps to remove impurities from the skin, while the laser treatment exfoliates, reduces unwanted pigmentation, stimulates collagen production, and softens skin tone and texture. This treatment creates a radiant, glowing appearance instantly without significant pain or downtime. To learn more about the Carbon Laser Facial, please visit our dedicated Carbon Laser Facial treatment page.

lasemd ultra
lasemd ultra

How Does Hollywood Spectra Work for Tattoo Removal?

Hollywood Spectra uses the process of photothermolysis to remove tattoos. The laser energy is absorbed by the tattoo ink, causing it to shatter into smaller particles. These particles are then naturally cleared by the body. The Hollywood Spectra laser has a dual-wavelength of 1064/532nm, making it highly effective for removing a wide range of tattoo colors. The system is also highly customizable, allowing practitioners to match the laser settings to the specific colors and depths of each tattoo and skin type.

safety considerations

As with any medical treatment, it is important to consider the safety and potential risks involved. Our practitioners are highly trained and experienced, and they will carefully assess your skin and medical history to determine if the Hollywood Spectra is right for you. During the treatment, they will use the appropriate laser settings to ensure your comfort and safety. If you have any concerns or questions about the treatment, please don’t hesitate to ask.

maximizing your results

To get the best results from your Hollywood Spectra treatment, it’s important to follow a few key steps. Here are some tips to help you maximize your results:

  1. Prepare your skin: Cleanse your skin thoroughly before your treatment to remove any dirt, oil, or makeup.  Consider getting a dermaplaining session in just before your treatment to maximize results. This will help the carbon lotion to better penetrate your skin and absorb impurities in the case of the carbon laser facial, and minimize absorption by the skin of the laser energy for tattoo removal.
  2. Follow aftercare instructions: After your treatment, be sure to follow your practitioner’s aftercare instructions. This may include using a gentle cleanser, applying moisturizer, and avoiding sun exposure.
  3. Hydrate: Drinking plenty of water before and after your treatment will help to hydrate your skin and promote healing.
  4. Maintain a healthy lifestyle: A healthy diet, regular exercise, and good sleep habits can all help to improve the health and appearance of your skin.

Meet Your Technician


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Is Hollywood Spectra safe?

Yes, Hollywood Spectra is considered a safe and effective treatment for reducing unwanted skin pigmentation and stimulating collagen production. However, as with any medical procedure, there may be risks involved. Your practitioner will discuss any potential risks and side effects with you before your treatment.

What can I expect during my Hollywood Spectra treatment?

During your Hollywood Spectra treatment, your practitioner will first apply a carbon lotion to your skin. Then, they will use the laser to gently heat the lotion and skin. Finally, they will perform the nanosecond treatment to help exfoliate and revitalize your skin. The entire treatment takes only 20 minutes and is virtually painless.

How many treatments will I need?

The number of treatments you will need depends on your individual skin concerns and goals. Your practitioner will recommend a treatment plan based on your specific needs.

Is there any downtime after my Hollywood Spectra treatment?

No, there is no downtime after a Hollywood Spectra treatment. You will be able to return to your normal activities immediately after your treatment.

Can Hollywood Spectra help with fine lines and wrinkles?

Yes, Hollywood Spectra can help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by stimulating collagen production. This can help to tighten and firm the skin, giving it a more youthful appearance.

Is Hollywood Spectra suitable for all skin types?

Hollywood Spectra is suitable for most skin types, but it’s always best to consult with your practitioner to determine if it’s right for you. They will consider your skin type, tone, and condition when making a recommendation.