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Accufit Body Sculpting

What is Accufit Body Sculpting and What Does it Do?

AccuFit is the first and only non-invasive body contouring procedure that provides simultaneous muscle building and toning in a 30-minute session. Enjoy an average of 29% fat reduction and 19% growth in muscle volume with only 4 treatment sessions. This procedure targets your abdomen, buttocks, biceps, triceps, thighs, and calves.

More About Accufit Body Sculpting

How does this seeming miracle work? It’s pretty simple.  Your nervous system uses electrical impulses to tell your muscles to move.  Whether you’re walking around, exercising at the gym, or resting comfortably, these signals are always traveling through your nervous system.  The genius of the Accufit Body Sculpting System is that it stimulates your muscles to move as if you were exercising without the need for the conscious effort and long hours it takes to get results the traditional way. 

In less than an hour, this system stimulates your targeted muscles more than a few hours at the gym would.  In fact, just a few sessions over the course of several weeks can get you results comparable to months of regular exercise in terms of muscle strengthening and toning! Our clients also see considerable burning of body fat as the new muscle mass burns more calories all the time, even when you’re at rest.

accufit body sculpting

Who is this for?

Anyone who is too busy to get to the gym, wants a headstart on your fitness journey, is getting back into shape postpartum simply hates working out every day, but loves the results! We love that we can help a wide range of men and women in all sorts of professions, at all ages to improve and maintain their physiques in as little as 30 minutes.

safety considerations

As with any form of exercise or muscle stimulation, there can be too much of a good thing, however, Accufit is very safe!  The technology Accufit is based on is tried and true, and has been used for physical therapy and rehabilitation for decades.  All you need to make sure of is that you aren’t overdoing the treatment, and we’ll guide you on safe treatment frequency for your body and situation.  It takes up to 72 hours to completely recover from the gentle soreness of the simulated workout an Accufit session provides, so keep that in mind.

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A single Accufit session is $299, however, we offer package pricing at a lower per session cost. A package of 4 sessions is $999, saving almost $200.  A package of 8 is just $1799, saving you $600!



How does the treatment feel?

Accufit uses a 4-cycle program, implemented to stretch, build, re-educate and recover the muscles. When the cycle begins, you’ll feel a gentle contraction sensation and as the intensity slowly increases, the muscle contraction intensifies. At the end of each cycle, a recovery cycle is implemented to “warm down” the muscles in preparation for the next cycle.


With two machines available, we can treat two separate areas on each visit. For example, we can treat arms and abs in a single session.

How long is the treatment and what is the downtime?

Up to four muscle groups can be treated in one 30-minute session. During a single treatment session, the abdomen, thighs, calves, and buttocks can be treated, or other areas. This is a completely non-invasive treatment, so it has no recovery period.

You can immediately return to normal activities after treatment. You may notice tingling in the areas treated for up to a few hours and/or slight muscle tenderness for 24-72 hours, similar to an intense workout.

How many treatments will I need?

Most people will need at least four treatments to get great results, depending on their baseline. Additional results can be achieved with further sessions.  After you’ve achieved results, monthly or quartely maintenance sessions help to maintain results.

Is Accufit safe?

Accufit is built upon the decades-old electro-muscular stimulation used in the rehabilitation, strengthening, and toning of muscles. As a tried and tested treatment method, you can rest assured that Accufit is very safe!

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