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Microblading: Semi-Permanent Eyebrow Enhancement

Whether you’re tired of filling in your brows, hate the shape or color of your brows, or just want thicker eyebrows, microblading is an enticing option that requires no daily maintenance.  If you’ve been having trouble achieving the thick healthy, symmetrical, perfect brows you want, Meg & Co.’s microblading service might be exactly what you need.

What Exactly Is Microblading?

Microblading is technically a semi-permanent form of aesthetic tattoo. Unlike conventional tattoos you might get at a tattoo parlor, microblading uses a small blade-shaped tool with a barely-visible row of tiny needles to make small, hair-like strokes along your brows.  In the process of making these shallow cuts, pigment is delivered into your skin. This results in very realistic-looking faux eyebrows that are only visibly flat upon close inspection.

Does That Mean Microblading Is a Tattoo?

In short, yes. However, it’s not permanent, unlike a conventional tattoo. Microblading uses a different type of pigment than tattoo ink, that’s made up of small pigment particles that break down more easily.  Additionally, with microblading the pigment is being applied superfically, enar the surface of the skin, whereas a conventional tattoo deposit’s ink with a needle to deeper layers of your skin.  

These differences allow your body to efficiently metabolize microblading tattoos, which is why they’re considered only semi-permanent.  THis leads the pigment to gradually lighten and fade away, rather than the gradual blurring and color degradation of conventional tattoos.

Who Is Microblading Best For?

The obvious answer is that microblading is for people with very light underwhelming eyebrows or very thick overwhelming eyebrows, in order to achieve a more ideal middle-ground.  This isn’t the whol story, though.  For one thing, if you have sensitive or oily skin, microblading is likely not a good option for you.  

Sensitive skin tends to suffer from substnatial inflammation and reaction to the pigment and may struggle to heal effectively after treatment.  Particularly sensitive skin can even suffer from allergic contacct dermatitis, leading to scaly, itchy rashes.  Oily skin breaks down the pigment faster, meaning the microblading treatment simply won’t last as long. It’s important to consider these aspects before committing to a microblade eyebrow enhancement.

Does Microblading Hurt?

Microblading can hurt, but it’s a standard practice to use a numbing cream before the treatment, minimizing pain and discomfort.  Most of our clients report feeling pressure or discomfort but not pain during their microblading treatment.

Microblading: Semi-Permanent Eyebrow Enhancement
Looking for permanent makeup?

Looking for permanent makeup?

We do have some limited permanent makeup services available.  For more information, talk to your technician to learn more about this service.

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How long does microblade eyebrow enhancement last?

We call microblading “semi-permanent” in part because everyone’s body metabolizes it at a different pace.  Generally speaking, microblade eyebrow enhancement lasts between 18 months and 30 months.  It will gradually lighten over this period, making judging an exact duration difficult.  Where you fall on this spectrum depends primarily on your skin type.  The more oily your skin and the faster your metabolism, the shorter the duration of microblading. 

Is Microblading a good fit for me?

This is a good question to go over with your technician before treatment.  Microblading is a good fit for most people, but if your skin is very sensitive or you’re allergic to the pigment, it can be problematic and lead to undesirable side effects.  Also, if you have very oily skin

How long does microblading usually take?

All told, it takes about two hours to get microblading done.  The first hour, at least, is spent meticulously designing your new eyebrow look, non-permanently drawing on your skin to trace with the semi-permanent microblading tool later.  Then, once the design is just right, we can apply the numbing agent and use the microblading tool to apply the design.  This often takes significantly less time than designing the brows, with only 30 minutes to, at most, an hour for a full application.

Is there any maintenance I need to do to keep my microblade eyebrow enhancement looking its best?

While there isn’t any “maintenance” per se with microblade eyebrow enhancement, there are some steps you can take to maximize the longevity of your treatment.

  • Don’t get your eyebrows wet or apply makeup to that area of your face for at least one week.
  • Avoid picking at scabs, scratching, or otherwise agitating your eyebrows until they’re fully healed (usually, this takes about a week).
  • Avoid the following skincare products, at least in the eyebrow area:
    • Retinol
    • Acids
    • Mechanical exfoliation
    • Microdermabrasion
    • Chemical peels
    • Fragranced moisturizers
  • Avoid excessive sun exposure! Sunlight, and especially sunburns, can speed up the degradation of the pigment, making your eyebrows fade away faster.
  • Don’t over-moisturize.  As counter-intuitive as it may be, the drier your skin is, the longer your microblade eyebrow enhancement will last.